Pet Portrait Painting from Photos. It's what we do!

Your Horse, Cat or Dog Lovingly Painted from your Photographs.

Do you love your beloved cat, dog or horse? Have you thought of a unique, original pet portrait oil painting from a photo as a gift? Our pet portrait artists have years of experience painting, equine portrait, birds, cat or dog portraits in oil from photographs, it's their claim to fame. We hand paint the animal portraiture using the finest oil paints, paint brushes, and artist canvas. We will surpass your expectations, with the quality and magnificence of these unique centerpiece works of art. A dog portrait or a cat portrait will forever immortalize your furry friend. Beyond any doubt, you have many photographs of your pet, yet it's concealed away. Make a pet portrait, and hang it in your home to appreciate and enjoy forever.

Commission a Pet Portrait Artist for your Equine, Cat or Dog Portrait Painting in Oil.

You don't need to be nobility any longer to own a custom pet portrait painting in oil. Our canines, felines, and pets have given us warmth and fellowship through the years. It is about you and your affection for your most beloved animal. Commission a portrait painting of your pet from a photograph, from The Worlds Artist, you will be glad you did. Need an interesting present for a friend or family member also, check out our people portraits. If you own a car, boat or a house and, need a unique show-stopper of art, as a gift, look at our house portraits.

pet photos made into a pet portrait
equestrian portraits from photos
animal portraiture painting

Can I Review my Painting Before it is Completed?

dog portrait on canvas from photos

As soon as it is 85% finished, we will send you a photograph by email of the progress for your review. Now you can suggest minor changes if needed. After we make the improvements, another picture is emailed for to you to check.

How to Take Excellent Cat, Horse or Dog Photos?

Since we are painting your pet from your photograph, a great photograph is the most critical criteria for a decent painting. Let the animal be natural. Some of the time a surprising picture works best. Look at its environment and particularly what is in front or behind your pet. Taking photographs of animals takes time and persistence. Utilize its natural environment where it is feeling comfortable. It must have open eyes and look into the camera from the side. Showing their eyes is vital.

hand painted cat portrait oil paintings on canvas
turn your dog photo into a custom pet portrait

The Best Photo for the Best Animal Portrait.

Do whatever it takes not to be high over your pet when taking photographs. To take a decent picture of a feline or canine, you ought to should crouch down to their eye level or place them on a table if that is less demanding. Take the photograph when your puppy or feline is looking to one side or the other of the camera and always showing both eyes. If you want more than one animal and, can't fit them all in one photo, attempt to get them in the same posture and send us separate snaps. Strive for even lighting, no brutal lighting or deep shadows. If outdoors in sunlight, use your flash, it helps. Take a few snapshots and find the best one to send to us, your beautiful animal portrait is done from your photo.

take a photo of your pet, crop the photo, final dog portrait oil painting
four dog photographs made into one custom pet oil portraiture

Also, if you don't know which is the best picture, send us the photographs and, a pet portrait artist will look them over. Send us photos where your cat or dog is filling the whole photo. Dark animals are harder to photograph since it's harder for the camera to focus with so much dark area. With dark animals, it may be useful to use flash but keep the flash away from the eyes. We cannot change the stance. If your pet is looking straight on, we cannot make it look right, but, we can change the arrangement or the background.

take a good photograph of your pet for the portrait

Good photo

bad photo of your pet

Bad photo

good photo for a good oil pet portrait

Good photo

a completed dog oil painting

Finished painting

Order your Pet Portrait Oil Painting

Portraits take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

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Decide how many pets in your painting. The more subjects, the bigger the canvas should be.

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A FINAL WORD, How we Paint a Dog Portraiture in Oil.

At The Worlds Artist, we do hand-painted animal oil painting on canvas from photos, painted by professional animal portrait artists. THIS IS how we paint from your photograph, we draw it on the canvas and afterward we paint, using brushes, palette, mahl stick, and fine oil paints and make it into a dog portrait oil painting on canvas! See our pet portrait painters at work in our studio.

hand painted dog portrait on canvas in progress how it is painted

An animal portraiture painting of a dog in different stages of completion.

Other Interesting Stuff and More Knowledge on Paintings.

We have over 600 famous painters listed on our website with over 40,000 oil painting reproductions, to enlighten you we have the artist biography on each famous painter, and the art movement they painted under. You can order from these two sections or if you want to narrow it down, you can choose by artists, colors or subject matter. What is the best size wall art for your home? The art canvas sizes will give you an idea, then, if you want a virtual wall art mock-up photo of your favorite oil painting reproduction in your home décor, just ask us. Having ordered and received your art, we provide helpful advise on oil painting care for years of enjoyment.

Here is the fun part, we have taken some of the most famous paintings and searched for the exact location where they were painted, you can see the side by side comparisons plus the special tilt-shift photos in the Then and Now.