Personal Portrait Oil Painting from Photos. It is what we do!

Custom Portrait Painting of People, Family & Friends.

Portraiture in oil is one of the earliest forms of oil painting because drawing and painting the human body was and is one of the primary studies at art academies and art schools worldwide. Even after the advent of photography over two hundred years ago, artists still learned how to paint anatomy and portraits. This was to develop their visual memory and create life-like compositions. Many artists, even those who specialized in landscapes or seascapes, painted portraits. Portraiture has always existed and is recognized by painters as the most challenging subject to paint. Because besides wanting to make the painting look like a person, they also tried to show the sitter's character.

An Oil Portrait, the ultimate selfie!

Having a portrait painted is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Photographs do not last. They will fade in 15 to 30 years, but a portrait oil painting can last centuries, whereas a photo would have turned into dust. An art fact, depending on the thickness of the paint, an oil painting can feel dry on the surface but can take months or even years to completely dry. There are paintings in the Louvre Museum that are still drying, keeping them fresh and looking like new.

Why do we use photos to paint portraits in oil on canvas?

The simple answer is that people do not have time to sit in a chair for a week while we paint them. The camera is unforgiving. A portrait artist without proper training will use the photo and duplicate whatever they see in the photo. So, instead of painting a portrait in oil full of character, they paint an oil portrait with no soul. At The World's Artist, we add the missing component, the soul, the essence of fine art portraiture, to the photo you send us. Portraiture will capture the likeness and spirit of a person forever. That is what we do! This is where the difference between a good artist and a talented portrait artist comes into play.

By commissioning a uniquely personal portrait painting from a photo, we turn photos into art. We additionally do political, administrative, military, legal, physicians, executives, and even selfie photo portrait painting. Anyone with a camera or smartphone can now have photographs made into hand-painted portrait oil paintings on canvas. An oil portrait goes far beyond a photograph, there is a color, texture, and history that cannot be duplicated.

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oil portrait of children from photos
wedding photograph portraits made from a picture
child photo hand painted into an oil portrait on canvas
make your photographs into portraiture
oil portrait of grandmother from photo

Will I be able to see my Oil Portrait before completion?

Yes, you will. When it is 85% complete, we will take a photo of your portrait painting and send it to you for approval. If needed, you can recommend any minor changes. After we have made corrections, we send another email picture for review. We likewise review the oil painting to ensure everything is good to go.

hand painted oil portrait of children

Picking the Best Photograph for your Portrait.

While picking your photograph, be happy with your pose, be natural, and do not stage it. If you are looking forward, we can not make you look left. An unexpected photo can occasionally be great. Consider your environment, and particularly what is behind your subject. We can add more people to create a group painting. We can remove furniture and so on from the background. We can even put you in a famous oil painting reproduction.

Cannot choose which picture will make the most appealing personal portrait painting. Take a few photos, and find the best ones to e-mail us. A portrait artist will look over them and suggest the most suitable one. Features like your eyes and hair are critical to better seeing your personality and likeness in the oil portrait created from your photo. Strive for even shadows throughout, no harsh lighting, no direct sunlight. If you are outside in bright sunlight, use your flash, it makes a difference.

bad photo for painting a portrait
Bad lighting
good picture for an oil portraiture
Good lighting
the best photo for a portrait painting in oil
Best lighting
Processing... Processing... Processing...

Order your People Portrait Oil Painting Today!

Portraits take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Upload multiple files with the file dialog or by dragging and dropping images onto the dashed region. Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Decide how many figures are in your painting. The more figures, the bigger the canvas should be.

The photo might be a full body pose, but if you want a half body pose, advise us in the special instructions.

Order Summary

Canvas Size 12"x16" (30x40 cm)
Destination United States
Painting Fee $144.00 USD
Shipping Fee $16.00 USD
Total $160.00 USD

Our Last Word: How do we Paint a Portrait?

All custom people portraits from photographs we do are hand-painted by expert artisans. We draw it on the canvas, and then we paint it usings brushes, a palette, a Mahl stick, and the finest oil paints. See our portrait painters at work in our studio .

hand painted girl portrait oil paintings on canvas
painting of a man

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