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A picture is worth 1000 words, we added a couple words anyway.

Whatever you desire to add to your home art collection. Be it a hand painted, oil painting reproduction on canvas of a famous artwork in a museum, a personal portrait oil painting from your photograph for you or your family or a pet portrait in oil from a photo of your dog or cat, we can do it! From fine art reproductions to portraits from photos, it’s what we do!

Now we do one more thing. We have introduced Made to Order, Custom works of art. What is it? It is a custom commission hand painted canvas oil painting of anything, any painting, any artist, past, present or future, we can do it! We have a variety of ideas to show you in our Custom Oil Painting page. Let your imagination see art in a new way. Now, anything, anywhere, can be made into custom artwork from your photo and it can be hanging in your home, soon.

As you take a gander at the photographs, you see our capable artists are equipped for, and capable of painting or reproducing any piece of art, past or present, in any size. From small oil paintings to large, the process is the same. They are all hand painted, one at a time. Van Gogh painted that way, and we paint that way.

Hand painted reproduction oil paintings & oil portraits on canvas.

the worlds artist custom made a picture
The Worlds Artists in Studio hand painted from photos to portrait oil painting on canvas.

Our artist's painting custom oil paintings on canvas.

the worlds artist painting fine art reproductions in the studio
The Worlds Artists doing reproduction oil paintings in our studio.

How we hand paint a famous oil painting reproduction on canvas?

Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait oil painting reproduction
Painting a Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait reproduction oil painting on canvas.
  1. The drawing: Artwork and photo to portraits start with a drawing of the shapes done in charcoal.
  2. The undercoat paint: Following the drawing, we paint the basic foundations the backgrounds. Then we fill in the main forms and colors with large brushes, keeping the edges soft.
  3. The forms: At this stage we begin building up the shapes, we paint in the light colors first and then the dark colors, building up or reducing the hue intensity to create the depth and after each layer of color is painted, they need to dry.
  4. The texture: Using similar methods utilized by the popular painters, we utilize diverse size and sorts of brushes to add textures. Any unique features of the original painting are now added to the oil painting reproduction.
  5. The details: The color density, shadow placement, background color effects and other elements are now worked on.
  6. Finished: After we have finished, we are not yet completed with it. One of our senior artists will inspect and add any more details if needed. Now the art needs to dry and then it is prepared to ship to an appreciative art enthusiast. Every painting you see is 100% hand-painted on canvas with the finest oil paints.
Vincent van Gogh Starry Night artwork replica Vincent van Gogh Starry Night reproduction oil painting
Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night fine art reproduction oil painting in progress.

Enjoy your museum artwork reproduction in your home.