Oil Painting Reproductions on Canvas & Portraits in Oil from Photos, is what Our Artists do!

The Worlds Artist specializes in hand-painted oil painting reproductions on canvas. Here you will discover all the well-known artists and their paintings that are exhibited in major art museums around the world. We also do, custom-made works of art, and personal portraits from photos. If you have a cat, horse or a dog, check out our pet portrait from photographs, and if you are a homeowner, look at our paintings in the estate homes portrait. We have helped thousands of clients enhance their homes and workplaces, with beautiful artwork, one wall at a time. Our accomplished artisans, love painting, see them at work in our studio.

Purchase an oil painting reproduction to pamper yourself or to give as an exquisite gift. Our famous museum artwork re-creations are sure to bring many years of enjoyment to both you and your family. Every painting you see here is hand painted on canvas with the finest oil paints, there is no shortcut.

Museum quality replica art is available in an extensive variety of artist, colors or subject matter. art movements such as Impressionism, Modern, Realism, Orientalism, Cubism, Expressionism, and others are also represented. Choose from hundreds of painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Paul Cezanne, Henri Rousseau, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin, and you can read all about their interesting lives in artist biography. We have thousands of artwork reproductions and hundreds of renowned artists to choose from.

How to Paint a Full Size Painitng from a Photographic Reference.

Thomas Gainsborough - Portrait of Mrs. Siddons fine art reproductions
Thomas Gainsborough Portrait of Mrs Siddons.
Peter Paul Rubens - Portrait of Maria Serra Pallavicino reproduction
Peter Paul Rubens Portrait of Maria Serra Pallavicino.

Samples of our Replica Paintings Next to the Original.

We use standard painting canvases for easy framing, the sizes are shown in art canvas sizes. To see more samples of art being painted, look in our studio. Finally, if you want to see a painting on your wall in your home or office environment, look into wall art mock-up photos. Once having purchased an oil painting reproduction or portraiture, to keep it fresh and new looking, you can review the oil painting care section.

Original and copy painting side by side
Original painting Adolphe-William Bouguereau La Tricoteuse the Little Knitter art replicas
Adolphe William Bouguereau Printemps Springtime and the Virgin with Angels playing Music replica

It's like having our Artist Painting for You in a Museum!

The worlds artist painting a reproduction copy in a museum

Our family of gifted studio artists, hand paint the best quality, canvas reproduction oil paintings and portrait in oil from photographs. We are proud of them because, to tell the truth, they are more talented than many acclaimed painters exhibiting in galleries today. Each is a specialist in their chosen style and technique that is identical to the original painters.