A Custom, Made to Order Oil Painting from Your Digital Photograph. Any image, from anywhere

You SEE it, you LIKE it, so TAKE a PHOTO of it. Made-to-Order Art

Anything you see, any place, any time, that moves you, take a photo of it. We can transform your photograph into a custom-made- to-order hand-painted oil painting on canvas. Have you ever come across a lovely piece of art amid your day-to-day outings or travels? Have you ever seen an excellent photograph in a magazine, a picture on the internet, or even in an art gallery that you enjoyed? We can make it a reality for you, with a specially painted oil painting from your photograph, for your home or office.

Use your creative energy and a few thoughts on where to take photographs. Anywhere, wherever you discover a work of art that moves or inspires you. Take the snapshot and e-mail it to us; we will paint it for your personal use in your home or office. We can create any type of fine art from your photographs. Look at our studio page to see our fine artists at work and how they transform photos into compelling artwork. We are happy to work with you on your ideas. Anytime you see something that intrigues you, say, "I like this. I could have this as wall art in my home," given the circumstances, now you can! Nowadays, everybody has a mobile phone camera. Do not let an opportunity pass by you.

restaurant paintings made to order
hotel lobby photo made into wall art

If you like a painting in a restaurant, hotel, or street art, take a photograph! We will paint from your photo.

send us a copy from the web to paint
art on the internet made into an artwork

See an image you like on the web? Save the image! We will make a canvas painting in oil for you.

painting in art gallery send us the image
photos from books or magazines into handmade fine art from photo

Artwork in a gallery or art show? A picture from a magazine or book? Take a photo! We will make it into a painting.

museum reproduction oil paintings
reproduction oil paintings from museums

In an art museum, there is no need to take a photo since we have thousands of museum oil painting reproductions.

To commission custom art, it is as easy as 1-2-3

Provide us with the following information, and we will give you a free quote within one day.

  1. Include your Name and your Country (to determine shipping cost).
  2. Include the artist's name and the title of the artwork, if available, as well as any other information you can provide. Include the size of the artwork you want, for instance, horizontal 30 in. x 40 in.
  3. Upload the photo to us at custom@theworldsartist.com .

After receiving our quote to order, we will send you a PayPal invoice request for payment. You do not need an account since PayPal also accepts credit/debit cards. It is that simple!

More Information on our Oil Paintings and other Interesting Stuff

We currently have over 40,000+ oil paintings to choose from that can be searched by artist, color, or subject matter . Before choosing an oil painting, you can visualize the varied sizes against a 7-foot couch at art canvas sizes . In addition, before you order, we provide a wall art mock-up photo , in which we place a digital painting proof sample in your home decor. How we paint can be seen in our studio and the quality of the art done by our artists .

We have written a comprehensive artist biography section covering more than 600+ famous painters and an educational art movements section. You can order oil painting reproductions from these two sections. After receiving your painting, how to care for it is in our oil painting care section.

Do not forget, in addition to our custom artwork, we paint portrait oil paintings from your photos , pet portraits , and oil paintings of your house .

Finally, using some of the most famous oil paintings, we searched for the exact location that inspired the artist to paint. View the side-by-side comparisons plus the unique tilt-shift art photos in the Then and Now .

Theworldsartist.com, Transforming Your World One Wall at a Time.