House Portrait Oil Painting from your Photograph. It's what we do best!

Your Home is Your Castle, Let us Make a Beautiful Painting of it.

What a better way to appreciate, enjoy or remember your most prized possession, your pride, and joy. A unique, custom house portrait oil painting, hand painted from your photographs, is the answer. They say a man's home is his castle, we don't paint many castles however we do paint many house portraits. A unique home oil painting makes the perfect gift with your house photo transformed into artwork. Know someone who purchased their first home or is moving? A custom house portrait will add to their memories of their first home. But it's not restricted to homes, we can likewise do you auto, or speedboat or anything.

We at The Worlds Artist have years of experience painting house portraits in oil from photos. Our exceptional hand painted fine artwork on canvas will surpass your expectations. Commission a house portrait from a photo today with one of our house portrait artist.

oil painting of houses from photos
oil painting estate homes from photographs

What can We Paint from a Photograph? A Car, Train, Plane, Yacht, Speedboat, Anything!

We can turn any photo into a custom oil painting on canvas. An Architectural building, a plane, a train, a car, a boat or motorcycles are all things we can paint. Consider anything, utilizing your snapshot, we will transform even a get-away vacation photo into a one of a kind, custom made artwork for you. If you have a dog, horse, cat or other pet, look at our Pet Portrait from Photos. Require an awesome present for a family member, relative or a companion, we do People Portraits too!.

travel photo hand painted on canvas
travel photos into custom painting on canvas
motorcycle art from your photo
seashore image made into hand painted art on canvas

Can I See My Painting Before it's Completed?

Sure. At 90% completion, we will take a photo and email it to you. This is the ideal opportunity you can do any minor changes, if necessary. After The Worlds Artist has made the changes, we send another photo by email for review. Important that we get precise instructions on any changes. On the off chance that you have a due date, please give us this info before we begin and we will do our best to meet your date.

custom oil paintings of homes
oil paintings from photos for of farm house or home

How to take a Good Photograph of your House.

The most important part of choosing your photograph is to be happy with it. Sometimes an unexpected picture works best. Consider the surrounding and what is around your house. The best time to take a photograph is either early morning or late afternoon. Along these lines, the sun makes all the more fascinating shadows on your home and gives it more profundity. Taking a picture at high noon will loose much of the shadow depth of the windows and rooftop. This likewise applies to taking photographs of yachts, autos, anything.

We cannot change the object, but, we can change the composition. For instance, we can include flower blossoms in front of your house, we can remove a light post or a fence and so on from the background. Now and again our specialists can join numerous photographs to make one excellent piece of art. Likewise, in the event that you can't choose which photo is ideal, send us the ones that you are thinking about. Take a couple snaps and locate the best one to send to us. One where your home is filling the greater part of the photograph for the oil painting portraiture. We will have a portrait artist look at them and make a proposal on which would be ideal. The better the image, the better the likeness of your house, car or boat for the painting from your photo.

take a photo of the house

Original photo in winter

take a photo of flowers

Add blooming flowers

house and flower photos combined into the final artwork of home

Final, spring time look.

Order your House Portrait Oil Painting.

Home portraits take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

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The Last Word, How a House Portrait in Oil is Painted, and other Helpful Advice.

All custom house portrait from photographs we do are hand-painted, by expert artisans. We draw it on the canvas and afterward we paint, using brushes, palette, mahl stick, and fine oil paints, see our portrait painters at work in our studio.

Since we have over 600 famous artists represented on our site with over 40,000 paintings, we though it natural to write a artist biography on each painter, and to write what art movement they belonged too. You can order paintings from these two sections and if you want to narrow it down, you can choose by artists, colors or subject matter. If you are undecided as to what is the best size painting for your home, you can get an idea from looking at our art canvas sizes, then, you can receive a virtual wall art mock-up photo of your favorite oil painting reproduction in your home décor. Having ordered and receiving your art, we provide helpful advise on oil painting care.

We have taken some of the most famous paintings and searched for the exact location where they inspired the artist to paint them, you can see the side by side comparisons plus the special tilt-shift photos in the Then and Now and Tilt-Shift photos.