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Peruse our extensive online art gallery collection of acclaimed world artists. Hundreds of artists, and thousands of art museum, reproduction oil paintings at your fingertips. Each oil painting reproduction we do at The Worlds Artist is 100% hand-painted, oil on canvas, painted by gifted painters, it's what we do!

Search by famous artist, search by color or search by subject. Read the artist's life stories in biographies about their lives and see their most renowned works of art. Read about the art movements and which painters belonged to which art movement. Look at our Then and Now photos, compare where famous landscape paintings were painted with present day location photosn and now with Tilt-Shift photos.

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How to Search for a Oil Painting Reproduction.

HINT Searching by Subject:: Some of our hand-painted Reproduction Oil Painting on canvas have many subjects. For example, If you are looking for a Seascape with a Sunset and a Shipwreck. If the primary focus is the sunset, it is under SEASCAPE with SHIPS - SUNSET. If the focus is the shipwreck, then it is a SEASCAPE with SHIPS - SHIPWRECKS. Do a secondary search, in the event that you don't discover it the first run through.

Searching for a specific subject, If you see a few works of art from the same painter, there is a good possibility that painter will have more paintings of the same subject matter. We compiled our search function for fine art reproductions by looking at each piece of art and figuring out what subject or color category it would best fit. Many were easy to classify and many were definitely not. Not every work of art is represented in the search, it is constantly being refined and updated.

Using the SEARCH BOX:: You don’t need to capitalize or pluralize words. If you are not sure of the painting name, for example, The Gray Goose, enter just either Gray or Goose, every one of the oil paintings with that word will appear. Also, many paintings are translated into English names, from their original name, so it might be conceivable we have the painting, not with the name you may be thinking of. If you can’t find the painting you are looking for, let us know we will search for it.

We work hard to preserve our reputation, acquired over numerous years, with our hand-painted oil painting reproductions on canvas. We are sure that you will be content with any artwork you order from The Worlds Artist. Finally, a short thank you to every one of our clients.

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If you don't find your favorite artist or painting, you can request it in our made to order oil paintings section, or simply contact us. Once you chose a oil painting reproduction, to see it in your home of office surroundings, see how to do it in our wall art mock-up photo. Additional helpful links are provided in the art canvas sizes, and oil painting care. In our studio and our artists pages you will see how we paint the oil painting reproductions and the painting process. The same procedures are used for painting pet portraits, portrait oil painting from your photographs and oil painting of your home.

We look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.