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1-16-1823 Paris, FRA – 3-10-1903 Falmouth, ENG

Anderson, Sophie Gengembre

Sophie Gengembre Anderson was a French-born British artist who specialized in the painting of kids and women, regularly in rustic settings. She started her vocation as a lithographer and painter of portraits, teaming up with Walter Anderson on pictures of American Episcopal bishops.

The family lived in Paris during the early years of Sophie's life, where her father was familiar with artists, scholarly people, and performing artists. Conditions required that the family leave Paris and live in a "remote area in France" from 1829 to 1843. At seventeen she built up an enthusiasm for art when a voyaging portrait painter visited her town.

Sophie Gengembre Anderson was generally self-educated in the arts, however briefly studied portraiture with Charles de Steuben around 1843, when she lived with family companions in Paris. Not long after she started her studies, he left for Russia and did not return inside the one year assigned for her studies. She developed associations with other women artists at the school where she picked up somewhat more guidelines.

The family left France for the United States to get away from the 1848 revolution, first settling in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she met her future spouse, British artist Walter Anderson.

In 1854 the Andersons moved to London, her works were additionally displayed at the Royal Academy. They came back to Pennsylvania in 1858 for a long visit with her family, amid which time she showed at the Pittsburgh Artist's Association in 1859 and 1860. Last year she and her husband's work appeared at the National Academy of Design. She at that point settled in London again around 1863. Anderson's work was exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, and the British Institution.

To deal with her medical problem, they moved to the Isle of Capri in 1871, where they lived, painted, and engaged in society. Capri was an artist enclave around then, its inhabitants included Frederic Leighton, Walter McLaren, John Singer Sargent, Edouard Alexandre Sain, and Jean Benner. Sophie Gengembre Anderson made Italian genre and Neoclassical canvases, including works of art of peasant women and children. When it was troublesome for women to have an effective artistic vocation, these works of art, for the most part, made by men, allowed for her to have a fruitful profession.

They moved to England in 1894 and painted and lived in Cornwall. She kept on displaying her work in London. Her husband died in January, she passed on two months later in March 1903.

Her work No Walk Today, sold for US$1.6 million in London in 2008.

Artists Influencing Sophie Gengembre Anderson: Charles de Steuben.
She Traveled To Italy, USA, England.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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