Paul Trouillebert Biography | Oil Paintings.

10-1829 Paris, FRA – 6-28-1900 Paris, FRA

Trouillebert, Paul

Paul Trouillebert is viewed as portrait, landscape, and a genre painter from the French Barbizon School. He was a student in Paris of Ernest Hébert and Charles-François Jalabert and had his first exhibition showing a portrait at the Paris Salon of 1865, at the late age of thirty-six.

While a portrait painting did not ensure acceptance into the Salon, it was a safe and incontestable first choice to enter the Salon since it was a subject that did not challenge conventions and did not challenge the Salon audiences or jurors, so from 1865 to 1872 Paul Trouillebert exhibited at least one portrait at the Salon despite his interests, which were beginning to move towards landscape painting. At the Paris Salon of 1869, Paul Trouillebert exhibited Au Bois Rossignolet, a melodious Fontainebleau landscape that received great critical acclaim.

Trouillebert also worked with the nude, his most well-received composition being Les Baigneuses (The Bathers) of the 1882 Salon. He was also interested in the Orientalism and created paintings of nudes. One of his most famous being a half-nude young woman in an ancient Egyptian style, Servante du Harem (The Harem Servant Girl).

He created many landscapes that are very close to Corot's late manner of painting. Unfortunately, Paul Trouillebert’s name became most famous after Alexandre Dumas purchased a Trouillebert painting that was signed as a Camille Corot. Corot’s easy painting style and popularity made the forgery of his work rampant, especially in America where it was once said that Corot painted about a thousand works, two thousand of which are in America.

Regardless of whether Paul Trouillebert intended to deliberately paint in the style of Corot or on the off chance that it was simply a question of over-motivation is another question. A lawsuit followed, bringing Trouillebert much attention and a small moment of fame in his career.

Art Movement: Barbizon School.
Artists Influencing Paul Trouillebert: Ernest Hébert, Charles Jalabert, Camille Corot.
Painters Paul Trouillebert Influenced: Pierre Ucciani.
He Traveled To Switzerland, Netherlands.
Artist Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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