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5-17-1861 Nantes, FRA - 5-23-1918 Poncé-sur-le-Loire, FRA

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Maufra, Maxime

Maxime Maufra showed some artistic talent early on and was encouraged to paint by the artist Alfred Leduc and the landscape painter Charles Le Roux, and he began painting at age eighteen. He traveled to England in 1883 at age twenty-two, and after seeing the work of Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable, and J.M.W. Turner, he was inspired to take art more seriously. During this time, Maufra discovered the work of the Impressionists and exhibited his first oil paintings at the Paris Salon of 1886. Being a businessman, he only painted in his spare time from 1884 to 1890.

But in 1890, Maxime Maufra. traveling extensively throughout Normandy and Brittany, met Synthetist painters Paul Sérusier and Paul Gaugin at Pont-Aven. Inspired, even more, he gave up his business career to become a full-time painter.

Maufra had his first solo exhibition in Paris in 1894, at the art gallery Le Barc de Boutteville. Returning from Brittany, Maufra was the first painter to take up residence in The Bateau-Lavoir, a famous Parisian residence for artists. He painted mainly in Brittany, especially near Quiberon, but also at various places on the Normandy coast and in and around Paris, in 1895-6 he went to Scotland, and in 1913 to paint in Algeria.

In his paintings, Maxime Maufra in some cases used the Pointillist technique of Pissarro, and furthermore took the solid hues and intense illustration of the Pont Aven School. Be that as it may, Maufra was a relatively independent artist his all life, and dedicated his art to recording the beauty of nature.

Art Movement: Impressionism.
Artists Influencing Maxime Maufra: Charles Leduc, Charles Le Roux.
He Traveled To Scotland, Algeria, England.
Artist Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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