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9-27-1622 Amsterdam, NED – 11-20-1678 Venice, ITA

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Dujardin, Karel

Karel Dujardin was a Dutch painter and etcher. Typical of his landscape paintings is Farm Animals In The Shade Of A Tree With A Boy And A Sleeping Herdswoman at the National Gallery, London. Although he did a few portraits and a few history paintings of religious subjects, most of his work is small Italianate landscape scenes with animals and peasants, and other genre scenes.

He was born in a family of fat renderers and meat cutters. His mother was from Antwerp, his father was born in Middelburg. In 1638 his parents went bankrupt. After training with Nicolaes Berchem, the young Karel Dujardin went to Italy and joined the Bentvueghels group of painters in Rome, among whom he was known as "Barba di Becco", "goat-beard", or Bokkebaart. Here he encountered his first artistic successes.

While in Lyon in France, he contracted considerable debts and married his older landlady to free himself of it. He went with her to Amsterdam, where his pictures were valued very highly. In 1675, he returned to Rome, on an invitation from his friend Joan Reynst and was welcomed back by his friends and admirers. Reynst and Karel Dujardin then went on a Grand Tour of other Italian cities. Afterward, Reynst returned back to Amsterdam, but Dujardin stayed in Italy and gave him a message to take back to his wife that he would soon come back.

He traveled on to Venice but died there unexpectedly in 1678. According to his friend Johannes Glauber, who he had met before in Rome, he was painting for a Dutch merchant in Venice when he suddenly became ill. Though he seemed to recover, his stomach was too full and he died of food poisoning.

Art Movement: Dutch Golden Age, Baroque.
Artists Influencing Karel Dujardin: Nicolaes Berchem.
He Traveled To Italy, France.
Painters Karel Dujardin Influenced: Jacob II, Martinus Laeckman, Erick van den Weerelt.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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