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1-16-1858 Valencia, ESP – 3-9-1937 Valencia, ESP

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Gil, José Benlliure Y

José Benlliure Y Gil began his art studies at the age of fourteen in the School of San Carlos, with Francisco Martínez Marqués. He was one of the select few supported by the Spanish government for study and residence in Italy. He executed several decorations of public buildings for the state, but José Benlliure Y Gil owes his fame to his large historical paintings, the La Vision Del Coloseo El Ultimo Martir (The Vision in the Colosseum the Last Martyr). He became the leader of the Spanish art colony in Rome, where he did paintings and sculpture. In the beginning, he did genre painting, but later, on the advice of the Italian painter Domenico Morelli, he started doing works of greater importance, such as St Vincent Ferrer Preaching About The Final Judgment.

In Italy, he painted small genre paintings and begins in the city of Assisi on the View of the Coliseum, a painting he won the first prize in the National Exhibition of 1887, together with his brother, the sculptor Mariano Benlliure, who presented the award-winning sculpture of the painter Josep de Ribera. In 1888 he traveled to Algeria and in 1897 to Morocco.

José Benlliure had several successes in Paris, Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin with his paintings. In 1903 he assumed leadership of the Spanish Academy in Rome, succeeding his brother Marian, a position he would keep for ten years.

In late 1919 he had his last large-scale exhibition in Madrid, a painting tribute to Rome with 45 paintings. When he returns to Valencia he was made the director of the Museu de Belles Arts de València, a position he holds until 1924.

Art Movement: Costumbrismo.
Artists Influencing José Benlliure Y Gil: Francisco Domingo Marqués.
He Traveled To Italy, France, Germany, Algeria, Morocco.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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