Johan Barthold Jongkind Biography | Oil Paintings

6-3-1819 Lattrop, NED – 2-9-1891 Grenoble, FRA

Jongkind, Johan Barthold

Johan Barthold Jongkind was first trained at the art academy in The Hague and in 1846 he moved to the Montmartre artist quarters of Paris, where he studied with Eugène Isabey and Francois-Edouard Picot. After two years, the 1848 Paris Salon accepted his work for its exhibition, and he received praise from the art critics. Unfortunately, he was to experience little success in France, and this caused him to have bouts of depression made worse by heavy drinking.

Johan Barthold Jongkind left Paris and returned to live in Rotterdam in 1855, and stayed there until 1860. He returned to Paris in 1861 determined to give it another try, he rented a studio in Montparnasse, and some of his looser painting now began to show glimpses of the Impressionist style to come. In 1862 he met in Normandy with some of his artist friends, such as Alfred Sisley, Eugène Boudin, and the young Claude Monet, to all whom Jongkind served as a mentor. In 1863 Jongkind showed his works at the first Salon des Refusés and in 1874, was invited to take part in the first exhibition of the Impressionist group, but he refused to take part.

In 1878, Johan Barthold Jongkind and his girlfriend Joséphine Fesser left Paris to live in the small town of La Côte-Saint-André near Grenoble in the southeast of France, he never returned.

Johan Barthold Jongkind's most frequent subject was the marine landscape, which he painted both in the Netherlands and in France. Many of his works depict the Seine, particularly the area near Notre-Dame Cathedral. Like the 17th-century Dutch landscape painters of the Golden Age of Dutch painting, he composed his landscapes with a low horizon, allowing the sky to dominate.

Art Movement: Impressionism.
Artists Influencing Johan Jongkind: Eugène Isabey, François-Édouard Picot.
He Traveled To France.
Painters Johan Barthold Jongkind Influenced: Alfred Sisley, Eugène Boudin, Claude Monet.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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