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5-5-1877 Petrograd, RUS – 1-16-1932 Paris, FRA

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Ivan Fedorovich Choultse was a Russian landscape painter, who painted realistic landscapes and excelled in the depicting of winter landscapes. He was also the court painter to Czar Nicholas II.

Ivan Fedorovich Choultse's family name had the German origin Schultze. He studied art with Russian court painter Constantin Krighitsky and exhibited his works for the first time in Russia at the Fine Art Academy in St. Petersburg in the year 1903.

Later he became court painter too. After the Revolution in 1923, Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé emigrated to France where he settled in Paris. Here he chose to use the French version of his name, Choultsé. In 1923 he showed his first work at the Salon des Artistes Français, he not only attracted attention but was among the best Salon artists. Interest for his work was expanding and his initial one-man show in Paris, he sold everything on the first day. On London, his one-man show he sold all his paintings in six days. With this success, he traveled abroad to explore new landscapes. Going all through Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Arctic, he was able to dedicate a lot of time to the investigation of nature and the portrayal of the effects of light.

In spite of the fact that Ivan Fedorovich Choultse kept on painting Russian scenes while in Paris, he made a few outings to Switzerland's Engadine region, he was fascinated with the landscape surrounding St. Moritz, particularly in the winter.

He painted spectacular snow scenes in which the light appears to originate from behind the canvas and glow. The critics scorned these pictures as photographic and called them non-art, but today this style of painting is known as "magic realism" and is much admired by critics, galleries, and museum.

Art Movement: Realism.
Artists Influencing Ivan Fedorovich Choultse: Constantin Krighitsky.
He Traveled To France, England, Switzerland, Asia, North Africa, the Arctic.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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