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1-27-1585 Amsterdam, NED – 5-15-1634 Kampen, NED

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Avercamp, Hendrick

As one of the main landscape painters of the seventeenth-century Dutch school, Hendrick Avercamp represented considerable authority in painting the Netherlands in winter. Avercamp's canvases are beautiful and energetic, with painstakingly made pictures of the people in the scene. A huge number of Avercamp's paintings include individuals ice skating on solidified lakes.

Avercamp's work enjoyed great popularity and fame and he sold his drawings, a large number of which were tinted with watercolor, as completed pictures to be glued into the albums of collectors. The Royal Collection has an extraordinary collection of his works.

Hendrick Avercamp presumably painted in his studio on the premise of sketches he had made in the winter. The enthusiasm for painting skating characters presumably originated from his adolescence, he was honing this interest with his parents. The last quarter of the sixteenth century, amid which Avercamp was born, was one of the coldest times of the Little Ice Age.

Avercamp The Naughty Winter Landscape Painter.

The Flemish painting tradition is for the most part communicated in Avercamp's initial works. This is consistent with the scenes of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Hendrick Avercamp painted scenes with a high skyline and many figures who are doing something. The canvases are a story, with numerous sub-stories. For example, shrewd subtle elements are incorporated into the painting Winter Landscape with Skaters: a couple having intercourse, buttocks, and a male peeing.

Later in his life drawing the environment was likewise vital in his work. The skyline likewise slowly dropped down under more sky. Hendrick Avercamp utilized the artwork technique of a flying point of view. The depth is suggested by the change of color in the distance. To the front articles are painted, for example, trees or a boat. This procedure fortifies the impression of profundity in the painting. Avercamp was mute and was known as "de Stomme van Kampen" (the mute of Kampen).

Art Movement History: Baroque, Dutch Golden Age.
Artists Influencing Hendrick Avercamp: Pieter Isaacks, David Vinckboons.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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