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6-6-1820 Hartford, USA – 10-15-1863 Boston, USA

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Durrie, George Henry

George Henry Durrie created a unique way of expressing the winter farmsteads and landscapes of New England. Durrie created 300 paintings over the course of his career. The earliest of these works were portraits but, by the mid-1850s, Durrie started to concentrate on painting New England rural genre scenes and winter landscapes.

In 1839, George Henry Durrie and his older brother John began taking painting lessons for two years from Nathaniel Jocelyn, a prestigious portraitist and Honorary Member of the National Academy of Design, living in New Haven, Connecticut.

Much of Durrie’s early career was spent as a nomad painter, traveling all over the countryside looking for portrait commissions in small towns and rural areas. George Henry Durrie first public exhibitions was a portrait at the National Academy of Design in New York City in 1843.

By the 1850s, Durrie’s local reputation had begun to develop and he was established enough to give up his nomad way of life, setting up a studio in New Haven.

Durrie’s landscapes are characterized by pale yet brilliant hues and by the repeated use of certain themes, such as an isolated farmhouse, a road running diagonally through the composition, and a hill in the distance.

In 1861 the printmaking firm Currier & Ives additionally advanced Durrie’s popularity through publishing and distributing lithographs of his winter landscape. The last print to be published was Home to Thanksgiving in 1867. It has become one of Durrie’s most iconic images.

George Henry Durrie had a modest reputation during his lifetime, but after his death, the Currier and Ives prints guaranteed Durrie’s works were kept in the public eye. Since the 1930s, Durrie has been recognized for his paintings following posthumous recognition in books, articles, and many one-man exhibitions.

Art Movement: Realism.
Artists Influencing George Henry Durrie: Nathaniel Jocelyn.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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