Emile Munier Oil Painting Reproductions.

The famous painter Emile Munier oil painting reproductions shown here are all painted 100% by hand, by professional artists. You can view how our artists paint the replica art, and the steps involved in creating superior artwork in our studio. First, we draw in in charcoal on the artist's canvas, then we paint it. The only equipment we use at The World's Artist are a palette, paint brushes, oil paints and a mahl stick, the same equipment used when he hand painted his artwork. Want to know more about this artist? You can read about the Emile Munier biography to learn more about this and many other world renowned painters, and the art movement they were in.

Want to see it in your home or office before ordering? Order a free wall art mock-up of any famous reproduction oil painting shown below.

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You can do a deep search for an oil painting by a specific artists, colors or subject matter. If you don't find your favorite artist or painting, you can request it in our made to order oil paintings section, or simply contact us. Additional helpful links are provided in the art canvas sizes, and oil painting care. The same procedures are used for painting pet portraits, portrait oil painting from your photographs and oil painting of your home. Some of the oil paintings from the famous painters have been have been made into tilt-shift photos, and we have located the sites where they did their famous paintings, you can compare side by side the location and the painting in out Then and Now, plus Tilt-Shift painting photos.