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8-7-1867 Nolde, DEN – 4-13-1956 Seebull, GER

Nolde, Emil

Emil Nolde was born Emil Hansen in Nolde, Germany, he later adopted the name of his birthplace. He trained as a woodcarver but later studied painting in Munich, where he was a member of the Expressionist group known as Die Brucke (The Bridge) in 1906-07 as well as Die Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). Nolde, a solitary figure developed a dreamy, mystic style of painting, in his studio in Seebull, an isolated village on the north coast of Germany, Nolde created an almost magic vision of nature with the vivid, vibrant colors typical of Expressionism as in Flower Garden, Girl And Washing.

Emil Nolde was, far too rugged an individual ever to conform to any particular movement, and developed his own distinctive Blut und Boden (blood and soil) style of painting, confined to religious themes expressed with distorted images and violent brushstrokes, but later extended to landscapes, seascapes, still life and flowers.

Emil Nolde was a supporter of the Nazi party from the early 1920s, having become a member of its Danish section. He expressed negative opinions about Jewish artists and considered Expressionism to be a Germanic style. This view was shared by some other members of the Nazi party. Yet Hitler rejected all forms of modernism as "degenerate art", and the Nazi regime condemned Nolde's work. Until that time he had been held in great prestige in Germany. Nolde had more than a thousand of his works removed from all museums by the Nazis, more than any other artist. Some were included in the Degenerate Art exhibition of 1937, despite his protests, including a personal appeal to Nazi Gauleiter (regional party leader), Baldur von Schirach in Vienna.

Most of his work was done in a remote area of the German North Sea coast where he lived as a recluse. Emil Nolde's last works, a series entitled "Unpainted Pictures", was completed in secrecy, which he hid, as he suffered the delusion of still being harassed by the Nazis, who had prevented him from painting anything, even in private, beginning in 1941.

In 2012, Blumengarten Ohne Figur, Flower Garden without Figure was sold at auction in London for the amount of US$3.3 million.

Art Movement History: Expressionism.
Artists Influencing Emil Nolde: James Ensor, Maurice de Vlaminck.
He Traveled To Switzerland, France, Austria.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist.

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