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3-27-1811 London, ENG – 1-4-1880 London, ENG

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Cooke, Edward William

Edward William Cooke was born in the London suburb of Pentonville, his father George Cooke and uncle William Bernard Cooke were both engravers so Edward was raised in an artistic family. He was a bright draughtsman and a talented engraver from an early age, with an inclination for marine subjects and published his "Shipping and Craft", a series of marine engravings, when he was 18. Edward William Cooke began oil painting in 1833, took lessons the following year from James Stark and had his first exhibit at the Royal Academy and British Institution a year later, by this time his style was formed.

He traveled and paint at home and abroad, revealing his affection for the seventeenth-century Dutch marine artists when he visited the Netherlands in 1837. Over the next 23 years, he kept returning to study the effects of light on the coastal landscape and also to study the works of Dutch Old Masters. He went on to travel in Scandinavia, Spain, North Africa and, Venice. In 1858, he was elected to the National Academy of Design as an Honorary Academician.

Edward William Cooke also had a serious interest in natural history and geology, he was elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society, Geological Society, the Zoological Society, and the Society of Antiquaries. His geological interests, in particular, led to his election as Fellow of the Royal Society in 1863 and he became a Royal Academician the following year. In 1842 a species of boa, Corallus Cookii, was named in Cooke's honor.

Artists Influencing Edward William Cooke: James Stark.
He Traveled To Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, North Africa, Italy.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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