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4-25-1852 East Hamburg, USA - 9-9-1919 Missoula, USA

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Paxson, Edgar Samuel

Edgar Samuel Paxson spent the greater part of his youth in the forests of New York and Pennsylvania, learning to hunt and trap game with the help of his uncles. At age ten he worked as a drummer boy for new Union recruits during the American Civil War. His urge to explore the American wilderness was cultivated by his uncles who had traveled west for the California Gold Rush, returning with stories of Indians, dangerous wildlife, and the harsh trek across America. Inspired by his meetings with Kit Carson and Captain Jack Crawford, he became restless to explore and by age 20 was traversing across America.

In 1891 he settled in Montana, and influenced by the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, he started researching the battle that had taken place there, interviewing Indians who had participated in it and troopers who had first arrived on the scene. Having built a good reputation with both American soldiers and many Native American tribes from their interviews he made detailed journals about the equipment, attire, and physical location of each man on the battlefield.

It took Edgar Samuel Paxson six years to complete the painting finally in 1899, which he allowed an associate to take on tour around America, charging $0.25 cents to view it (equal to $7.00 today).

Edgar Samuel Paxson enlisted at age forty six during the Spanish-American War in 1898, and led Company "G"of the Butte (Montana) Volunteers into battle in the jungles of Manila.

Edgar Samuel Paxson and fellow Montanan, Charles Marion Russell met in 1908, and Russell later visited Paxson’s Missoula studio. These two artists had an amicable relationship. The two artists Paxson and Russell are often compared, at Paxson’s expense. A careful look reveals that their styles and interests were distinct.

In 1912 Paxson was commissioned to paint eight murals in the Missoula, Montana county courthouse. The murals took 16 months to complete, and still stand in the entrance hall where they were originally placed.

Art Movement: American Western Art.
He Traveled To Phillippines, Canada.
Artist Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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