Charles Courtney Curran USA

2-7-1861 Hartford, USA - 1-16-1942 New York, USA

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Curran, Charles Courtney

Charles Courtney Curran showed an early interest and aptitude for art, and in 1881 went to Cincinnati to study at the McMicken School (later the Fine Arts Academy of Cincinnati). He stayed there only a year before going to New York to study at the National Academy of Design and the Art Students League.

In 1888 Curran and his young bride Grace left the United States to study in Paris, the center of the art world.

After two and half years abroad, the young family returned to the United States in June, 1891. For the next ten years Curran divided his time between New York where the couple had an apartment and Curran maintained a studio, and Ohio where they had extended family and spent most summers.

While in Paris Charles Courtney Curran enrolled at the Académie Julian where he began to concentrate on new subject matter and experimented with a variety of painting styles. Many of his pictures from this time were painted outdoors en plein air and features well dressed modern women enjoying a variety of leisure activities.

After the Charles Courtney Curran visited the summer arts colony of Cragsmoor, the couple and their family would summer at Cragsmoor for the next forty years, and Curran would create some of his best known paintings in the vicinity.

Charles Curran's work is represented in numerous museum collections, and his outdoor paintings of youthful women have remained popular with individual collectors. It has been estimated that he produced more than 1500 pictures during his career.

Art Movement: Impressionism
Influences: Edward Maury
Traveled: England, France, Switzerland, Italy, China
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