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1-9-1833 Odense, DEN - 11-2-1895 Copenhagen, DEN

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Aagaard, Carl Frederik

Carl Frederic Aagaard left his little town and went to Denmark's capital. Here, he learned at the celebrated Danish Royal Academy and started his oil painting profession. Other than considering drawing, Carl Frederic Aagaard helped his more established sibling, a glass etcher at his studio. Aagaard next studied in the studio of Georg Hilker, an oil painter and he teamed up with Hilker on works at the University.

It was his last educator, the landscape oil painter Peter Kristian Skoovgaard, that was the most persuasive. In 1857 Carl Frederic Aagaard displayed his oil paintings to great suscess. He kept on showing and his excursions to Switzerland and Italy culminated helped to perfect his realism landscape painting style with such centerpieces as Pergola in Amalfi and Amalfi Dai Cappuccini.

Copenhagen, around then, was the focal point of a dynamite resurgence of human expressions. By the middle of the nineteenth century, Copenhagen had delivered such incredible figures as Hans Christian Andersen and the thinker Soren Kierkegaard. The art of the first half of the nineteenth century in Copenhagen was the best accomplishment of Denmark's Golden Age.

The artist Bertel Thorvaldsen and the painter Eckersberg drove a masterful renaissance amid the Golden Age. With the foundation of an institute in Charlottenborg in 1754, numerous well-known Danish artists were to originate from there. The Royal Collections, which later was to become the National Collection, bolstered these new painters, purchasing their "cutting edge" oil paintings the minute they came available. Towards the end of this awesome period in Denmark, Carl Frederic Aagaard was sufficiently lucky to begin his painting career.

Art Movement History: Realism Art.
Artists Influencing Carl Aagaard: Georg Hilker, Peter Kristian Skoovgaard.
He Traveled To Switzerland, Italy.

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