Bartholomeus Johannes Van Hove Netherlands

10-28-1790 The Hague, NED – 11-8-1880 The Hague, NED

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Van Hove, Bartholomeus Johannes

Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove was appointed in 1820 to head teacher at the Hague Academy Teeken. In that capacity, he was the teacher of, among others, Johannes Bosboom, Charles Leickert Sam Verveer, and Jan Hendrik Weissenbruchstraat. In 1823 he was commissioned by the Ministry of War series washed pen drawings of the different in the Dutch army uniforms worn.

Besides painter Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove was also decorator, and in 1829 he followed his teacher John Breckenheijmer as scene painter at the Hague Theatre. This branch of painting would give him the most recognition during his lifetime.

Apart from stage sets Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove mainly painted cityscapes and church interiors in a romantic style. His early works are characterized by a fine, detailed painting style, which contrasts strongly with the broad-based, multi-colored stage sets. His cityscapes and church interiors are often furnished with figures, which in some cases have been portrayed by his son Huib.

Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove, a well-known personality and in 1847 he was one of the founders of Pulchri Studio. He also became the first president of the painters' society, a position he held until 1851. He was a member of the Amsterdam-based Arti et Amicitiae, of which he was honorary president in 1874.

He played an important role in the development of 19th-century painting by his many students, he managed to bring his skills to a large group of artists.

A remarkable work of Bartholomeus van Hove is on moirézijde painted coat of arms of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1840 - painted on the state standard. This rich standard has since been used in all inaugurations.

Art Movement: Romanticism Art
Influences: Hubertus van Hove the Elder
Influenced: Carel Jacobus Behr, Johannes Bosboom, Johannes Josephus Destree, Lambertus Hardenberg, his son Huib van Hove, Johannes van Hove, Everhardus Koster, Charles Leickert, Willem Troost, Salomon Verveer, Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch
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