August Macke Germany

1-3-1887 Meschede, GER - 9-26-1914 Champagne, FRA

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Macke, August

In 1904 August Robert Ludwig Macke father died and in that year August Macke enrolled at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf at the age of 17. In April 1905 Macke traveled with Walter Gerhardt, his future brother in law, to northern Italy and Florence. In July 1906 he traveled to the Netherlands, Belgium, then to London, where he visited the city’s museums and the same year he broke off his studies at the academy. In 1907 August August Macke traveled to Paris, where he saw the oil paintings of the Impressionists, which fascinated and influenced him. Back in Germany he went to Berlin and attended the art school of Lovis Corinth for a short time. After doing his military service for one year as a volunteer in 1908, the artist married, now in Bonn, Elisabeth Gerhardt.

In 1909 August Macke got acquainted with Franz Marc in Munich, with whom he would be friends for the rest of his life and with whom he established Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) the following year. His early impressionist style developed into a use of strong, sunlit color applied in painterly facets of light. His preferred subject matter remained urban scenes of shopping and leisure. With their colorful and spacious, two-dimensional forms August Macke's works from that time displayed clearly the influence of the painting of Henri Matisse and Franz Marc. In 1912 they both journeyed to Paris, where they discovered Cubism and the work of Delaunay.

The trip to Tunis with Paul Klee in 1914 also contributed to the development of his own style of bright, intensive coloration and crystalline design. August Macke's world of oil paintings is unmistakable, making him another of the worlds artist. Quiet compositions, scenes of nature, the open countryside or of places inhabited by monumental, faceless figures show his harmony-seeking look at the contemplative world of the regular citizen until the outbreak of World War I. On September 26,1914 nearly two months into WW1, August Macke fell at the western front in France at the age of 27.

August Macke’s In the Bazar (1914) was auctioned for $6.0 million at Christie's in 2011.

Art Movement: Expressionism
Influences: Arnold Böcklin, Robert Delaunay, Lovis Corinth
Traveled: Italy, France, Italy, Netherlands, Tunisia, Belgium

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