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5-31-1835 Saint-Omer, FRA – 5-18-1885 Paris, FRA

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Neuville, Alphonse De

Adolphe De Neuville came from a wealthy family, he earned his of bachelor of letters degree from a university, and in spite of family opposition, he wanted to join the navy and entered the naval school at Lorient at age of twenty-one, where his artistic instincts bloomed.

He wanted to study more but was discouraged by several reputable painters, finally, he was admitted to the studio of François-Edouard Picot, but Alphonse de Neuville did not remain there long. He was painting by himself when he produced his first picture, The Fifth Battalion of Chasseurs at the Gervais Battery one of the last assaults on Sébastopol.

He participated in illustrating the Hetzel editions of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. He also illustrated Le Tour du Monde and Guizot's History of France. At the same time, he painted a number of remarkable pictures, The Attack in the Streets of Magenta by Zouaves and the Light Horse, A Zouave Sentinel, The Battle of San Lorenzo, and Dismounted Cavalry crossing the Tchernaia. In these, he showed peculiar insight into military life, but his best paintings were done after the Franco-Prussian War.

Alphonse de Neuville then aimed at depicting in his works the episodes of that war and began by representing the Bivouac before Le Bourget. His fame spread rapidly and was increased by The Last Cartridges, memorializing an episode involving the Blue Division of the French marines. It is easy to see the difference between the glorified and mythological war paintings as practiced by Horace Vernet, and that of Alphonse de Neuville who had actually been a soldier.

In 1874 the Fight on a Railroad was not less successful and was followed by the Attack on a House at Villersexel and the Railway Bridge at Styring. Alphonse de Neuville also exhibited in London some paintings of the Zulu War. Fifty thousand people paid to see his oil painting of The Defence of Rorke's Drift.

Art Movement: Academic Art.
Artists Influencing Alphonse de Neuville: Eugène Delacroix, François-Edouard Picot.
He Traveled To England.
Artist Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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