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2-10-1864 Bergneustadt, GER - 12-21-1932 Munich, GER

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Koester, Alexander

After completing his secondary education, Alexander Koester satisfied his parent's wishes by training as a pharmacist in Colmar, but three years later he enrolled at the Karlsruhe Akademie to study art under the tutelage of Claus Meyer and Karl Hoff, both specializing in in domestic genre painting, he graduated in 1887.

In 1889, Alexander Koester made a series of trips through Netherlands rocky terrain, in particular, the Alpine valley of Oetztal, sketching picturesque landscapes and images of rural life.

Having visited the resort town of Klausen in 1891, Koester chose to settle there. The peaceful, isolated atmosphere was conducive to refining his artistic style, and it was now that he started painting ducks, producing a range of variations based on the Anatidae duck species. The duck series debuted in Berlin in 1899 to great acclaim, with the cost of each work of art subject to the number of ducks depicted. His style, which resembled a free form of Impressionism, drew praise from critics and art patrons alike, leading to a job offer from the Darmstadt Academy at the end of the year. Alexander Koester, declined the job, preferring instead to build a career as a freelance artist.

In the early 1900s, he rented a studio in Munich to be closer to the vistas of Upper Bavaria, where he spent most summer months. In 1908, he began to travel into the region around Lake Constance, painting and sketching the changing colors of the water in various weather conditions, but this stopped in 1915 when the area was declared a war zone.

Alexander Koester gained the title “Enten” or Duck Koester, as he was one of the few artists who so popularly, and for such a long time, painted ducks in their natural habitat.

Art Movement: Naturalism.
Artists Influencing Alexander Koester: Claus Meyer, Karl Hoff.
He Traveled To Netherlands.
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