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1-16-1480 Regensburg, GER – 2-12-1538 Regensburg, GER

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Altdorfer, Albrecht

Albrecht Altdorfer procured an enthusiasm for art from his dad, Ulrich Altdorfer, who was a painter and miniaturist. He settled in the city of Regensburg, a town situated on the Danube River in 1505, in the long run turning into the town engineer and a town councilor. Albrecht Altdorfer who worked fundamentally in Regensburg is the main example of the Danube School. This was a gathering of painters in southern Germany who were portrayed by their enthusiastic delineation of nature and their happy vision of reality. In this unique picture, Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Altdorfer depicts the Virgin washing the Christ Child in a wellspring brimming with little heavenly angels.

In 1529 he executed The Battle of Alexander at Issus for Duke William IV of Bavaria. This board, appointed by Duke William of Bavaria, depicts a high perspective of an exceptionally captivating scene. The sun is setting behind a mountains range, with the moon obvious in the sky, making a captivating environment. On account of Altdorfer's fine rendering, the two formations of the troops, and their encampment can all be recognized. In the closer view, Alexander in his brilliant golden armor chases after the chariot driven by Darius.

Albrecht Altdorfer the pioneer of landscape painting.

Albrecht Altdorfer was the first painter of pure landscape, making them the primary subject of the artistic creation. He trusted that the human figure shouldn't upset nature, yet rather take an interest in it or emulate its natural processes, taking and building up the landscape style of Lucas Cranach the Elder. His Landscape with Footbridge of 1518–1520 is said to be the first pure landscape scene oil painting. Likewise, he frequently painted scenes of chronicled and scriptural subjects, set in atmospheric landscapes.

Albrecht Altdorfer frequently misshaped point of view for subtle impact. His benefactor figures are frequently painted totally out of scale with the primary scene, as in works of art of the earlier centuries. In his later works, Altdorfer moved more towards Mannerism and started to portray the human shape to the congruity of the Italian model, and in addition overwhelm the painting with frank hues and colors.

Danube Landscape with Wörth Castle is one of the most exact geographical works of art of a specific building in its setting, of a sort that was to wind up plainly a cliche in later centuries.

Art Movement History: Northern Renaissance.
Artists Influencing Albrecht Altdorfer: Ulrich Altdorfer, Jacopo de Barbari, Albrecht Dürer, Cranach the Elder.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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