Alberto Pasini Italy

9-3-1826 Busseto, ITA – 12-15-1899 Cavoretto, ITA

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Pasini, Alberto

Alberto Pasini orphaned of father in 1828, his mother moved to Parma, where enrolled at the age of 17 years, in the Academy of Fine Art of Parma, studying landscape painting and drawing. In Parma, he was helped early on by Alberto's uncle, the painter and manuscript illuminator, Antonio Pasini, who painted for the local nobility and collaborated with the publishing house established by Giovanni Battista Bodoni. By 1852, Alberto Pasini exhibited a series of thirty designs, made into lithographs, depicting various castles around Piacenza, Lunigiana and Parma. He was noticed by the artist Paolo Toschi, who encouraged Pasini to travel to Paris, where Pasini first joined the workshop of Charles and Eugène Ciceri, of the so-called School of Barbizon.

In 1853 his lithograph of The Evening gained him admittance to the Paris Salon, and to the workshop of the famous Théodore Chassériau. The eruption of the Crimean War offered a new opportunity, when in February 1855, recommended Pasini to replace him on the entourage of the French minister Nicolas Prosper Bourée to Persia. Alberto Pasini accompanied him, returning through the north of Persia and Armenia before reaching the port of Trebizond. In subsequent trips, he visited Egypt, the Red Sea, Arabia, Istanbul, and Persia. Alberto Pasini parlayed his exposures during this trip into numerous highly detailed paintings of orientalist subjects. He returned to Turkey in 1876 to execute the four paintings commissioned by Sultan Abdul Aziz. He was about to return to Istanbul the next year, when his patron, the Sultan, died.

In 1865, he spent some time in Cannes, painted landscapes of the Riviera. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, he returned to Italy, settling in Cavoretto, on the hills around Turin.

In 1862 at Istanbul, Alberto Pasini painted a canvas depicting a Victory by the Turks led by Sultan Abdul Mezid. He exhibited at Paris. In Venice, and began painting vedute of the city, among other subjects.

Art Movement: Orientalism Art
Influences: Antonio Pasini, Théodore Chassériau
Traveled: France, Persia, Armenia, Egypt, Arabia, Turkey, Spain
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