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9-4-1841 York, ENG - 9-25-1893 London, ENG

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Moore, Albert Joseph

Albert Joseph Moore was the fourteenth child of portrait-painter William Moore. Several of his brothers were also artists, including Henry Moore, the well-known seascape painter.

He received instruction in drawing and painting from his father at the same time he was attending school, he made such progress that he gained a medal from the Department of Science and Art at Kensington in 1853, when he was twelve. In 1855, he came to London and attended the Kensington school till 1858. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1857 when he sent A Goldfinch and A Woodcock, a year before he became a student there.

In 1861, Albert Joseph Moore made a new venture with two sacred subjects, The Mother of Sisera Looked Out a Window, and Elijah Running to Jezreel before Ahab's Chariot. Meanwhile, Moore had given signs of the remarkable skill which he afterward displayed as a decorative artist. His concern for decorative, color harmonies became apparent in his paintings of the mid-1860s onward. His works, typically single female figures with formalized proportions, Neo-Classical drapery, and floral accessories, established a major element of the Aesthetic Movement.

In 1865, Albert Joseph Moore exhibited at the Royal Academy The Marble Seat, the first of a long series of purely decorative pictures, with which his name will always be associated. Henceforth he devoted himself entirely to this class of painting, and every picture was the result of a carefully thought out and elaborated harmony in pose and color.

Albert Joseph Moore found his admirers among the few true art connoisseurs rather than among the general public. His oil paintings were frequently sold off the easel before they were completed, it was not till late in his life that he obtained direct patronage.

Albert Joseph Moore was an independent spirit and relied solely on his own judgment in matters both social and artistic. Although his works were long a chief source of attraction, and he was a candidate for admission, his outspoken views hindered his admission into the ranks of the Royal Academy.

Art Movement: Victorian Classicism.
Artists Influencing Albert Joseph Moore: William Moore, John Collingham Moore.
He Traveled To Italy, France.
Artist Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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