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4-10-1860 Bilbao, ESP – 3- 8-1916 Bilbao, ESP

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Guiard, Adolfo

Adolfo Guiard was one of fifteen children born to Alphonse Guiard, a photographer who had come from France. The family was for the most part well off, yet endured harsh circumstances after his dad's studio burned to the ground during the Third Carlist War.

His mother gave Adolfo his first set of watercolors and launched his career. His first formal lessons were with Antonio Lekuona, a prominent Costumbrista painter. At sixteen years old, he went to Barcelona to continue his studies with Ramon Martí Alsina.

In 1878, Adolfo Guiard went to Paris and enrolled at the Académie Colarossi to study with Pierre-Paul-Léon Glaize and in Paris, he became acquainted with other painters, notably Edgar Degas, who had a major influence on his work.

Around 1886, he returned to Bilbao to establish a studio and working on the commission he had his first solo exhibition that same year. With his eagerness to paint outdoors, close to nature, he rented a house in Baquio, a small village close to Bilbao. Painting outdoors, the landscape will remain secondary in his work, giving importance to the figures who live and work in the countryside.

In 1890, he moved to Murueta to concentrate on landscapes. In 1900, he lived in Deustu and participated in the first exhibition of modern art held in Bilbao, which made his work more popular but negative reviews continued. Most of Adolfo Guiard works are in private collections.

Art Movement: Impressionism, Costumbrismo.
Artists Influencing Adolfo Guiard: Antonio Lekuona, Ramon Martí Alsina, Pierre-Paul-Léon Glaize, Edgar Degas.
Artist's Biography compiled by Albert L. Mansour at The World's Artist, with text adapted from Wikipedia.

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