Adelsteen Normann Norway

5-1-1848 Bodin, NOR - 12-26-1918 Oslo, NOR

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Normann, Adelsteen

Adelsteen Normann studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 1869 to 1872 and his paintings belong to the Düsseldorf school of painting. He studied with the Estonian painter Eugen Dücker.

Adelsteen Normann based himself in Berlin from 1883. His paintings were nearly always landscapes and invariably of the fjords of Norway where he would show the water combined with small houses and boats and steep mountainsides.

Adelsteen Normann lived at the same time as Edvard Munch who was a fellow countryman. In the early 1890s, Normann was based in Berlin where he was doing good business selling his paintings to hotel owners. Normann had seen Munch's work when he had been exhibiting at Kristiania. Normann wrote to Munch asking if he would exhibit his work in Berlin. Munch was so overcome that he packed up his exhibition on 20 October 1892 and went to Berlin where Normann true to his word befriended him. Munch's work was placed in an exhibition which caused such a stir that the painters in Berlin split into two societies. It was suspected that the underlying reason for Normann's invitation to Munch was to cause this split.

Adelsteen Normann exhibited in Oslo, Berlin, London, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Munich and Paris. Although based in Germany from 1883, he would return to Norway each summer. Normann and Hans Dahl both had large ornamented wooden villas near Balestrand where they would entertain.

Normann notably exhibited at the prestigious Salon de Paris from as early as 1882. His paintings earned a 'Mention Honorable' in 1884 and he was awarded a bronze medal in 1889.

Art Movement: Realism
Influences: Eugen Dücker
Traveled: Germany
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