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5-2-1862 Monroe, USA - 1-16-1957 Warrenville, USA

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Adam Emory Albright studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts (later the Art Institute of Chicago) under Thomas Eakins, and additionally in Europe. Albright started as a landscape painter but changed to painting people in the vast majority of his works of art. A specific enthusiasm for his works of art were youngsters. Adam Emory Albright painted in oils, utilizing pastel like tones and unmistakable brush-strokes, making realistic works of art that moved toward Impressionism in style. Topics depicted incorporate kids at calm play, resting, and strolling. Numerous scenes were from the town of Warrenville and afterward the then rural areas of what is presently Chicago.

In the early the twentieth century, Adam Emory Albright was an established Chicago artist, summoning $1,500 for a canvas and regularly serving on the jury for the yearly presentations at the Chicago Art Institute.

Adam Emory Albright later wedded Clara Wilson Albright, and they had three children, including twins Malvin, who became a sculptor, and Ivan, who turned into the most prominent Chicago artist of the time.

In 1924, Adam Emory Albright obtained an empty church on Second Street in Warrenville. He and his two children worked the Albright Gallery of Painting and Sculpture. In 1981, the building was bought by the City and after broad redesigns, it was changed over into the Albright Studio Museum by the Warrenville Historical Society.

As an elderly man, Adam Emory Albright chose to sell his paintings on monthly installments to be paid as long as he lived, so he would have a protected retirement wage. Many individuals thought they would get his canvases at a low cost since he was at that point an old man, however, his life span served him well, he lived to be ninety-five.

Art Movement History: Realism.
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