Artist Biography & Oil Painting Reproductions

The biographies of famous artists will inform, shock, and make you happy or sad. A common thread runs through many of their lives. Collaborations, exhibitions, teaching, travel, and friendships link them together. Some of the painters were highly successful and became world-renowned. Some artists only sold a few paintings during their lifetime and were poor, depressed individuals.

Many started out reproducing oil paintings of the old masters in museums to support themselves or as part of their artistic training. As you read the artist's biographies, one thing is clear: through hardships, poverty, despair, ridicule, or uncertainty, they never gave up their passion for being a painter. Click the "View Artists' Paintings" button to view all their celebrated oil painting reproductions. You can do a deep search for any oil painting by a specific artist, subject (theme), or color.

You can also check the art movements and find a painter linked to a particular art movement. If you do not find your favorite artist or painting, you can request it in our made to order, custom oil painting section or simply by contacting us . If you choose a reproduction oil painting, see how it looks in your home or office surroundings. See how we do it in our wall art mock-up section. Additional links are provided for information on canvas sizes and the care of oil paintings

bios biography biographies of world famous artists painters and oil painting reproductions

Take a look at the Bite-Sized Painter Biographies and admire their work!

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In our studio or on our artists' pages, you will see the painting process. You will see how we paint oil painting reproductions, pet portraits , personal portrait oil paintings from your photographs , and oil paintings of your home . Some of the famous oil paintings have been reimagined into tilt-shift photos, and we have located the sites where they did their renowned paintings. You can compare the location and the famous oil painting side-by-side in our Then and Now, plus Tilt-Shift painting photos .