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France 1845 - 1890

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1855 can be considered a pivotal year of the Realism Art movement in France. This was the year that Gustave Courbet set up his own improvised Pavilion, the Pavilion du Realisme, opposite the Paris salon, to show a large number of works that had been rejected by the official exhibit. His initiative pointed to the presence of a dynamic movement that had already been active for quite a while but had not yet been given a name or recognized by the critics.

I have never seen angels. Show Me an Angel and I Will Paint One.”

The word ”realism or realistcan mean the faithful reproduction of reality in a work of art and has less to do with the photo-realistic painting of images and has more to do with the real subject matter. Courbet does not produce a mere external imitation but endeavors to relate with all aspects of reality.

Keeping it Real, as REALism as it gets.

Realist painting emerged in opposition to the moralistic ideals that had characterized academic art. Now, the working class, the poor and the derelict were depicted in oil paintings. And it was not by chance that realism became popular and widespread n Europe after the political and social uprisings of 1848. The world of the mid-19th century was one of intense change, seeing the advent of industrialization, the agricultural machine, and the increase in populations moving from rural areas into the cities. The exotic, sublime, and spiritual themes of romanticism were replaced by concrete situations closer to everyday life. The dark, heavy paintings of subjects that were often unsavory or even obscene were in conflict with the bourgeois ideals and, thus, not well received by critics at the beginning. The Realist movement also included the famous artists, the mystic Jean-Francois Millet and Honore Daumier, a biting caricaturist of the political and legal world, but also a painter who depicted the lowest classes of society.

Despite the fact that Realism in its prime went up against social and political undertones, by the time the Impressionists arrived it had dissipated in intensity. However, it left an enduring heritage of truth and emotional earnestness in an art that would last for our own time.

How to Identify Realism Art Movement Paintings?

1. Realist works of art portray the brutal, everyday reality of ordinary people from the middle and lower classes of society. Faggot Carriers by Jean-François Millet.

2. Realism is a thoughtful depiction of poor, urban and rural workers in bent postures, battling with their hard, physical work. The Stone Breakers by Gustave Courbet.

3. The somber paintings feature a palette of dark colors to stress the situation of people. The subjects are shown genuine looking and humble, there’s never a cheerful sentiment. Gypsy In Reflection by Gustave Courbet.

German Realism Art.

Around 1840 the ardors of Romanticism were cooling in Germany and throughout Europe. The ideals of the Nazarene's were no longer identified with Friedrich's anxiety. The upper classes sought a concrete, realistic style that conveyed the image of a strong German society. The artists of German Realism identified, both culturally and on a socioeconomic level. The leading exponent of German Realism, Adolf von Menzel, was an active protagonist on the European cultural scene in the second half of the century when his personal life and artistic life reflected the development of the Realist movement. The history of realism portrayed in German paintings was more to demonstrate the power of an up and coming state.

American Realism Art.

American Realism is an artistic movement in the USA that was active in literature, photography, and painting from 1880 to 1940 and continues to today. One of its main artists is Edward Hopper. His artwork is disenchantment and solitude created by spaces, light, and silences that imbue his canvases with an evocative power that seems to anticipate cinematic scenarios, situations, and characters. Hopper was a master of composition, often bringing to life, functional, monotonous and impersonal settings into a poetic moment, often leaving the viewer to invent a story line.

American Realism satisfied the desire to document the new American scene, depicting places and characters that served as icons of the conflicting relationship between city and country. There was a growing preference for detail, urban views, industrial complexes, and the new machines of technology. The socioeconomic crisis of 1929 helped to consolidate the American image. The state needed a type of art that would back its efforts to re-launch the economy and sponsored a vast program, commissioning works and paying artists to decorate post offices, banks, schools, and government buildings.

Other Realism Artists: George Bellows, Honoré Daumier, Edgar Degas, Carl Larsson, Édouard Manet, Diego Rivera, Christian Schad, Eugène Verboeckhoven, Frederick Walker, Andrew Wyeth

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