Art Nouveau Movement

France 1890 - 1910

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The Art Nouveau Art Movement and the Symbolism Movement were concurrent developments that existed each all alone but that met up in one piece. Art Nouveau movement artists tried to convey modernity and tastefulness to composition and design art style Symbolists wanted to form images from dreams and Art Nouveau’s swirling lines and ethereal nature often provided a perfect backdrop.

The Art Nouveau movement came into being as designers exhausted of the Neoclassic and the historic wanted to move the present day era in a direction of modern design. They looked at design as more than a mere application of aesthetics and strove to merge usefulness, style, and design into a harmonious whole. This thought was named New Art, or Art Nouveau. This new title was given to art across all medium that applied the principle from painting to architecture to what were before known only as crafts. Art Nouveau discouraged the idea that crafts were not art and embraced them as part of the movement. They hated the art community’s dismissal of craft as non-art and looked to cure it. This prompted Art Nouveau ending up to a greater degree a craft based form, being ousted by Art Deco not long after.

Art Nouveau can Thank Celtic and Japanese Artwork

Stylish design amid its development was affected by Asian craftsmanship, especially Japonism, Ukiyo-e prints and beautiful woodblock prints, it emulated their level planes, differentiating voids, and straightforward color plans. It was likewise influenced by La Tene Celtic designs. These two far-flung societies that were influential, shared a common theme, that of common components and lines and structures that flowed in the way of the natural world. Art Nouveau took on the swirls and spirals of Celtic and Asian fine art and consolidated them with geometric structures and present day colors to make another style.

Another worry of the proponents of Art Nouveau was the quick vanishing of quality craftsmanship. The Industrial Revolution and large scale manufacturing had prompted sloppily made reproductions of earlier collectibles. This artistic movement endeavored to restore pride in craftsmanship. They wanted to revive this under a new era of design that rejected frivolity and based the aesthetics of an object on how they contributed to the function of the object or if nothing else harmonized with it. Mass created designs harmonized with Art Nouveau advantageously. Art Nouveau’s straightforward colors and two-dimensional profundity functioned admirably with present day printing equipment. Many individuals mistake Art Nouveau for Art Deco as a result of its brief course of events in art history. A standout among the most well-known painters of this style of oil works of art was Gustav Klimt, see the replica art of his artwork.

Other top Art Nouveau famous artists: James Ensor, Jan Toorop, Georges Lemmen, Valentin Serov

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