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What is an Artistic Movement?

An Art Movement is an art style with a specific particular philosophy or specialized approach. Followed by a group of painters, artists during a period of time in art history, usually for decades. It is a historical convenience for recording painters together during of a period of time or with a painting style that everyone follows, although the subject matter can be anything. There is no settled rule about what determines what an art movement is or who is in it.

Artists related with one movement may hold fast to strict standards, while those who belong to another may have little in common on style or like manner. The naming of artistic movements is done later in time by critics or art historians, but, once in a while, the naming is done by the artist himself, taken from a painting name. There are many minor art movements, sometimes only consisting of a few artists. The art critics or historians have also broken up a movement into sub-movements, sometimes confusingly. The movements are broken down as to how and why they came about, what is important about them, what artists are in that group, along with oil painting highlights and much more. You can find more information about specific artists in our extensive Biography section.

Learn Why an Art Movement is Important.

Peruse of the broad and extensive list of well-known painters and oil painting reproductions. We cover all the major artistic movements. A few painters painted in various styles during their career. Along these lines, they can be in different movements during their lifetime. Whichever movement is their primary one, that is where we list them in our replica art. At the bottom of each Art Movement page, there is a list of artists. Click the artist to go to their reproduction oil painting page.

Abstract Art MovementAbstract Expressionism Art MovementAcademic Art MovementAesthetic Art MovementAmerican Western Art MovementArt Nouveau MovementAshcan Art Movement
Barbizon School Art MovementBaroque Art Movement
Costumbrismo Art MovementCubism Art Movement
Dutch Golden Age Art Movement
Expressionism Art Movement
Fauvism Art MovementFuturism Art Movement
Hudson River School Art Movement
Impressionism Art Movement
Luminism Art Movement
Mannerism Art Movement
Naive Folk Art MovementNaturalism Art MovementNeoclassicism Art MovementNorthern Renaissance Art Movement
Orientalism Art Movement
Post Impressionism Art MovementPre Raphaelite Art Movement
Realism Art MovementRenaissance Art MovementRococo Art MovementRomanticism Art Movement
Surrealism Art MovementSymbolism Art Movement
Tonalism Art Movement
Victorian Classicism Art Movement

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