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Martin Johnson Heade oil painting art reproduction


Martin Johnson Heade

(Aug.11, 1819 Penn.- Sept.4, 1904 Florida) American Oil Painting Artist Biography.

Martin Johnson Heade was born in rural Lumberville, PA, and started painting in his late teens. He studied portrait oil painting under the Quaker artists Edward and Thomas Hicks and then traveled in the United States and Europe supporting himself as a professional portrait artist and by making copy art reproduction works by the old masters. In the late 1850s, influenced by Hudson River School artists such as Frederic Edwin Church, he began painting landscapes and still life's. He was particularly interested in experimenting with the effects of colored light upon a painting, The Luminist School of Painting as it was called was a popular movement at the time and can is key stage in the development towards Impressionism.

From the early 1860's to the early 1880s, when he began to develop his own very individual style, Heade painted coastal and inland views, floral still life's and tropical oil landscapes with hummingbirds and flowers. He continued to travel, making three trips to South and Central America, Brazil in 1863-64, Nicaragua in 1866 and Colombia, Panama and Jamaica in 1870. He produced a large number of flower oil paintings particularly favoring magnolias and orchards, as well as studies of birds, all done in the Luminist style.

In 1883, Heade married and settled in St. Augustine, Florida, continuing to paint in the realist style, which was then becoming out of date. He made numerous views of Florida's rivers and marshes, but his primary subject became the state's native flowers, especially the Cherokee rose and the giant Magnolia. Heade, who continued working until shortly before he died in 1904, had the longest career and was perhaps the most versatile of the 19th century American oil painters.

Although Heade had shown his work frequently during his 65-year career, his reputation had been obscured by a shroud of critical indifference. For nearly half a century after his death, it was as if he had never painted an oil painting. An exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1944, sparked new interest in his work. A small canvas caught the attention of art dealer Robert G. McIntyre at the "Romantic Painting in America" exhibition. Thunder Storm on Narragansett Bay, "I was struck with the force of the thing," McIntyre later wrote, "with the powerful drama being enacted...a breath-taking sense of elemental fury." Today Heade is admired for his originality and for the subtle atmospheric effects, glorious light and sumptuous warmth of his canvas oil paintings. In early 1999, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston paid $1.25 million for a Heade oil painting of Giant magnolias on a blue velvet cloth. For years the painting had been used to cover a hole in the wall of a house in Indiana. It was made into a USA postage stamp in 2004. Heade is now respected and admired as a remarkably talented and innovative painter and one of the worlds artist.

Martin Johnson Heade, Cherokee Roses On A Light Gray Cloth

Martin Johnson Heade, Cattelya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds

Martin Johnson Heade, Magnolia on Red Velvet

Martin Johnson Heade, Giant magnolias on a blue velvet cloth
Martin Johnson Heade biography

Cherokee Roses On A Light Gray Cloth

Cattelya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds

Magnolia on Red Velvet Giant magnolias on a blue velvet cloth

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