Luca Carlevarijs Italy

1-20-1663 Udine, ITA - 2-12-1730 Venice, ITA

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Carlevarijs, Luca

Luca Carlevarijs pioneered the genre of the cityscapes (vedute) of Venice, a genre that was later widely followed by artists such as Canaletto and Francesco Guardi. He was also known as 'Luca Casanobrio' or 'Luca di Ca Zenobri', for his patronage by the latter family.

Luca Carlevarijs was born in Udine, the son of the architect and painter Giovanni Leonardo, he lost his father at the age of sixteen, his sister Cassandra took him in charge and took him to live in Venice in 1679, where he became part of society. His vedute of Venice are among the earliest Baroque depictions of the city, where he innovates by proposing vedute designed in perspective. His works were regarded by many as patriotic, because Carlevarijs had won the favor and patronage of the inhabitants of Venice. He was influenced by the Dutch painter active in Rome, Caspar van Wittel (often called Vanvitelli).

The painters Canaletto, Francesco Guardi and Antonio Visentini are said to have been influenced by Luca Carlevarijs work or even have been his pupils. His paintings and his set of 104 etched views of Venice, which were published in 1703, were the foundation on which Canaletto and Guardi built.

Luca Carlevarijs painted landscapes, sea-pieces and perspective views. His works included cityscapes with a topological interest as well as imaginary landscapes with ruins. He completed over a hundred etchings of views in Venice, which give an exact representation of the principal places in that city.

Art Movement: Baroque
Influences: Caspar van Wittel
Influenced: Canaletto, Francesco Guardi, Antonio Visentini
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