Louis Aston Knight USA

8-3-1873 Paris, FRA - 5-8-1948 New York, USA

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Knight, Louis Aston

In 1892, Louis Aston Knight attended Academie Julian for several years, where he studied classical figure oil painting. In 1894 Louis Aston Knight had his first showing at the Paris Salon, the start of a highly acclaimed artistic career.

Louis Aston Knight is most famous for his Normandy landscape oil paintings and early on he and his father Daniel Ridgeway Knight realized that there should be a basic distinction between their respective artwork. They reached an informal understanding, Daniel Ridgeway Knight always had one or more figures in his landscapes, whereas Louis Aston Knight never placed figures in his oil paintings. Ridgeway Knight painted tightly, Aston Knight shows a stronger influence of the Impressionists and is looser. Louis Aston Knight was not content with studying the action of the streams from the riverbanks, so he would put on a pair of waist-high rubber boots and set up his easel in mid-stream to paint the scene.

Louis Aston Knight looked up to Claude Monet and visited him and his gardens. He was impressed with Monet's gardens and strove to cultivate a garden as beautiful as his. Knight would awarded prizes each year to his peasant neighbors who kept the nicest gardens, which he used as models for his cottage landscape oil paintings.

Gradually Louis Aston Knight became well known in the New York art scene and began to do some of his work in the United States. Aston Knight was a favorite of the American presidents. In 1922, President Harding purchased a Louis Aston Knight, The Afterglow, to hang in the White House and President Coolidge held a private exhibition of Knights work in the White House.

Louis Aston Knight auction record is $108,000, for A Cottage Along the River, secured at Sotheby's, New York in 2005.

Movement: Realism
Influences: Daniel Ridgway Knight, Tony Robert-Fleury, Jules Lefebvre

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