John Emms England

1-16-1844 Blofield, ENG – 11-1-1912 Lyndhurst, ENG

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Emms, John

John Emms was born in Norfolk son of the amateur artist Henry William Emms. He became an avid hunter and became famous for his paintings of horses, and of dogs, particularly foxhounds and terriers. His paintings are signed “Jno Emms”.

He married Fanny Primmer of Lyndhurst, Hampshire, in 1880. The couple lived in London for a time but returned to Lyndhurst in 1881 and built a large house and studio named The Firs, where Emms lived for the rest of his life. In Lyndhurst, he became exposed to an outdoor lifestyle and he became an enthusiastic sportsman, especially fond of hunting and of horseback riding.

John Emms began exhibiting his paintings at the Royal Academy of London in 1866. There he became studio assistant fo Frederick Leighton, later Lord Leighton, and in this capacity traveled to New Forest in Lyndhurst to do a fresco, The Ten Virgins, at Lyndhurst Parish Church in Hampshire.

His painting of "Callum" a Dandie Dinmont Terrier hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland.

John Emms is considered a painter of great ability. His painting The New Forest Foxhounds is valued at an estimated $1.0 million.

Art Movement: Naturalism
Influences: Frederick Leighton
Traveled: England
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