Jan Davidsz De Heem Netherlands

4-17-1606 Utrecht, NED – 4-26-1684 Antwerp, BEL

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Heem, Jan Davidsz De

Jan Davidsz de Heem studied first under his father David de Heem the Elder, then under Balthasar van der Ast. He lived in Leiden from about 1625 to 1629, where he studied in 1629 under David Bailly.

He moved to the Southern Netherlands and joined the Guild of Saint Luke of Antwerp in 1635 or 1636 and became a burgher of that city in 1637.

He remained in Antwerp until 1667, when he moved back to Utrecht, where records trace his presence from 1668 to 1671. He left Utrecht in 1671 when French troops were approaching the city.

Jan Davidsz de Heem married twice, first with Alette van Weede with whom he had three surviving children on her death in 1643, one of which, Cornelis, would become a still life painter. He married a second time in 1644 with Anna Catherina Ruckers with whom he had six more children, one of whom was Jan who would also become a still life painter.

Apart from his two sons, he had several apprentices: Michiel Verstylen, Alexander Coosemans, Thomas de Klerck, Lenaert Rougghe, Theodor Aenvanck, Andries Benedetti, Elias van den Broeck, Jacob Marrel, Hendrik Schoock and Abraham Mignon.

Of the one hundred or more of Jan Davidsz de Heem pictures seen in European galleries, only 18 are dated. An early work shows a chased tankard with a bottle, a silver cup and a lemon on a marble table, dated 1640, in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Movement: Baroque, Dutch Golden Age
Influences: David de Heem, Balthasar van der Ast, David Bailly
Influenced: Cornelis and Jan de Heem, Michiel Verstylen, Alexander Coosemans, Thomas de Klerck, Lenaert Rougghe
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