Jacopo Tintoretto Italy

10-4-1518 Venice, ITA – 5-31-1594 Venice, ITA

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Tintoretto, Jacopo

Jacopo Tintoretto was born Jacopo Robusti, he derived his nickname Tintoretto, meaning 'little dyer', from his fathers trade. He was very briefly a pupil of Titian, Tintoretto had only been ten days in the studio when Titian sent him home once and for all, the reason being that the great master observed some very spirited drawings and to have been jealous of the boy's talents. From this time forward the two always remained upon distant terms, Tintoretto being indeed a professed and ardent admirer of Titian, but never a friend, and Titian and his adherents turning the cold shoulder to him.

Jacopo Tintoretto though largely self-taught, was influenced by his master as well as Michelangelo and Sansovino. Apart from two trips to Mantua he spent his entire working life in Venice, painting religious subjects and contemporary portraits.

His most ambitious project was the series of 50 paintings for the Church and School of San Rocco, but his fame rests on the spectacular Paradise (1588), a huge work crammed with figures. 

The crowning production of Jacopo Tintoretto's life, the last picture of any considerable importance which he executed, was the vast Paradise, in size 22.6 x 9.1 meters, reputed to be the largest painting ever done upon canvas. It is a work so stupendous in scale, so colossal in the sweep of its power, that it has defied the connoisseurship of three centuries. He was a master of dark tones illuminated by adroit gleams of light. Three of his children became artists, including his daughter Marietta, known as La Tintoretta. His output was phenomenal and he painted with great rapidity and sureness of brushstrokes, earning him a second nickname of 'Il Furioso'.

The development of fast painting techniques called prestezza allowed him to produce many works while engaged on large projects and to respond to growing demands from the clients.

Art Movement: Renaissance, Mannerism
Influences: Titian, Michelangelo, Sansovino
Influenced: Martin de Vos, El Greco

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