Ignacio Diaz Olano Spain

2-1-1860 Victoria, ESP - 3-7-1937 Victoria, ESP

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Olano, Ignacio Diaz

After the stay in Barcelona, Ignacio Diaz Olano requested aid at Vitoria City Council to continue his education in a European city, the aid is dismissed. Hitherto unknown, for lack of reliable documentation, the activities of the painter in the early eighties of the nineteenth century.

In August 1884 Ignacio Diaz Olano participates in the Art and Industrial Exhibition of Vitoria, which he sends a batch of seven works, two religious paintings allude to San Francisco (one copy of Viladomat, painted in Barcelona in 1880), a portrait of elderly Two young Italian genre scenes, a painting of still life (a large blue vase) and a sketch of the roof of the Vitoria Theatre building that burned in August 1914.

In October 1884 he opened a studio at no. 9 Florida Street, for art education until March 1894, then he went, first to Barcelona and then to Rome. In the Eternal City he resided from May 1894 until March 1896. returning to his hometown after new stay of one month in Barcelona.

Traveled: Italy

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