Henry Farny France

7-15-1847 Ribeauvillé, FRA -12-23-1916 Cincinnati, USA

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Farny, Henry

Henry Farny's family left France in 1853 to emigrate to the United States. The family moved to Warren in Pennsylvania, near a Seneca reservation. Farny was profoundly affected by the Indian civilization he encountered at an early age.

Around 1859, the Farny family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. When he was 18 years old, Harper's Weekly published a double page view of Cincinnati he made. Between 1867 and 1870 he took private lessons from Albert Bierstadt in Düsseldorf.

Upon his return to Cincinnati in 1870 Henry Farny who had been studying abroad came home to a minimally responsive demand by Cincinnatians for his paintings, and instead used his new found skills in the service of poster painting and other odd jobs. In 1873 this all changed when he was commissioned by the chamber of commerce to depict in drawing the different stages of pork packing in Cincinnati.

Henry Farny who was an erudite scholar, and student of both Munich and Düsseldorf's school's of fine arts, nonetheless, can be seen, from his works of art to have assimilated the Düsseldorf techniques of a drab styled realism into his paintings. In his depictions of the post civil war era and oppression of native Americans at the time, Farny masterfully painted confounding situations, such as a perplexed Indian examining a telephone line.

Henry Farny art continues to gain in popularity and most serious public as well as private Western art collections include at least on in them. As of recently one of his paintings known as "Southern Plains Indian Warrior" was sold at the Bonhoms art gallery for $400,000.

Art Movement: American Western Art
Influences: Albert Bierstadt
Traveled: USA, Germany
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