Giulio Rosati Italy

4-1858 Rome, ITA - 1-16-1917 Rome, ITA

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Rosati, Giulio

Giulio Rosati was an Italian painter specialized in orientalist and academic scenes. He studied at the Accademia di San Luca under Dario Querci and Francesco Podesti. His son, Alberto Rosati (1893–1971), was also an orientalist painter.

Giulio Rosati studied drawing and painting in Rome at the Accademia di S. Luca since 1875, and had as teachers academics Querci Dario and Francesco Podesti, and the Spanish painter Louis Alvarez Catala.

Orientalism, such as choice of subjects and pictorial taste, soon became his favorite theme, in particular places and characters from the Maghreb Northwest Africa, of which he painted in a very colorful way the characters as if they were coming from a story of adventure.

This was a time of greater accessibility to the Middle East, and even though Giulio Rosati himself never went, he was able to create his images using photographs, literature, engravings, Oriental carpets, clothes, and objects brought back from travelers. Orientalist painting became increasingly popular among American and British collectors toward the end of the 19th century as souvenirs of their exotic travels.

Giulio Rosati was one of the most prolific orientalists painters of the period between the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Art Movement: Orientalism
Influences: Dario Querci and Francesco Podesti
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