George Gardner Symons USA

6-1862 Chicago, USA – 1-13-1930 Hillside, USA

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Symons, George Gardner

George Gardner Symons  was born in Chicago with the name of George Gardner Simon, but he changed his last name to Symons when he returned from study in England because of concern about anti-semitism. He first studied at the Chicago Art Institute where he became a close, life-long friend of William Wendt.

George Gardner Symons and Wendt came to California again in 1897, spending several months painting at Rancho Topanga Malibu. The following year they traveled to England, spending time at the artists’ colony in St. Ives, Cornwall. Symons would make several trips to Cornwall throughout his career. Attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

However, the lure of California was strong, and in 1903, George Gardner Symons purchased lots in Laguna Beach where he built a studio-home. He would thereafter divide his time between Laguna Beach and the East, where he had a studio in Brooklyn, New York and also did a lot of painting in Colerain, Massachusetts. In 1909, he won the Carnegie Prize at the National Academy of Design.

A classic American impressionist, George Gardner Symons worked exclusively as a landscape and seascape artist. In Laguna Beach, he painted the rocky shorelines and coves. In the East, he painted the countryside, often in winter when the hillsides were covered in snow. George Gardner Symons proved a master at depicting snow with scintillating blues and pinks overlaying the white pigment.

Art Movement: Impressionism
Influences: William Wendt
Traveled: England
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