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1-16-1822 Le Locle, SUI – 11-23-1896 Paris, FRA

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The biography history and oil paintings of the painter Fritz Zuber Buhler. At sixteen years of age  moved to Paris, France where found his first teacher, Louis Grosclaude. Later he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts and then refined his technical skills with François-Édouard Picot, who followed the same lineage of contemporaneous artists such as Léon Perrault, Bouguereau, and Alexandre Cabanel.

Afterward he spent some time in Italy searching for inspiration; he may have also studied in Berlin Academy between 1843 and 1844. After five years abroad, he returned to Paris, where he made his debut at the Salon in 1850. Fritz  exhibited prolifically throughout his career, often entering several works in the Paris Salon simultaneously. In subsequent Salons he showed works in many media: oil paintings, drawings, pastels and watercolors.

His painting Innocence shows his romantic view of the peasant children and their environment. He painted mythological and religious subjects, as well as commissioned portraits. Fritz Zuber Buhler exhibited in the United States at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and achieved considerable success. It is clear that the style he was bowing to the popular genre called for by patrons and academies alike, this was perfectly illustrated by the sheer number of paintings shown at his debut in 1850. He exhibited at the Salon until 1891. He became part of a long and well-established academic tradition, which, by the latter years of his career, had entered a period of decline, not in terms of popularity with patrons, but in relation to the modernists who began challenging this academic perspective.

Fritz Zuber Buhler style, which has undergone the influence of Bouguereau, Delaroche and Couture, is characterized by fantasy and idyllic love. Known for his dreamlike decorations, highly detailed compositions and polished style, his sleepy women, one of the idealized romantic themes, made him one of the most popular Victorian painters of his time.

Art Movemen History: Academic Art
Artists Influencing Fritz Zuber Buhler: Louis Grosclaude, François-Édouard Picot
He Traveled To France, Italy, Germany, USA
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