Frederick Leighton England

12-3-1830 Scarborough, ENG - 1-25-1896 London, ENG

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Leighton, Frederick

Sir Frederick Leighton painter and sculptor, regarded himself as of a very different School to that of the Pre-Raphaelites, yet was friends with many of them, and we can see close links between his Aesthetic Classicism and the Pre-Raphaelite style.

He was for a time the pupil of Edward von Steinle, a follower of the Nazarenes, who were also directly inspirational to the Pre-Raphaelites. At age 17, in the summer of 1847, he met the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer in Frankfurt and painted his portrait, the only known full-length study of Schopenhauer done from life.

The first oil painting by which Frederick Leighton became known to the British public was Cimabue's Madonna carried in Procession through the Streets of Florence, which appeared at the Royal Academy in 1855. Leighton's oil painting, created a sensation and was purchased by Queen Victoria. From 1855 to 1859 he lived in Paris, where he met Ingres, Delacroix, Corot and Millet. In 1860, he moved to back to London, where he associated with the Pre-Raphaelites. Frederick Leighton was also an enthusiastic volunteer soldier, enrolling with the first group to join the 38th Middlesex Rifle volunteers, later to be known as The Artists Rifle.

Frederick Leighton studied almost entirely on the Continent, in Germany, France, Belgium and Italy. Leighton's life was throughout marked by distinction, artistic and social. He spoke also German, Italian and French.

It was when he was in the full stride of his popularity and success and apparently in the full stride of his personal vigor that he was struck with angina pectoris. For a long time he struggled bravely with this cruel disease, never failing to do any of his official duties except during a brief period of rest abroad, which failed to produce the desired effect. A year before his death, Frederick Leighton painted one of his most well known works of art, Flaming June.

Art Movement: Victorian Classicism, Academicism
Edward von Steinle, Giovanni Costa, Correggio
Germany, France, Belgium, Italy

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