Franz Defregger Austria

4-30-1835 Stronach, AUT – 1-2-1921 Munich, GER

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Defregger, Franz

During his early years, Franz Defregger developed a strong love of music, and learned to play the flugelhorn. He soon became a member of a local band in Dölsach, playing at weddings, assemblies, and balls. Franz also displayed an early talent for drawing and woodcarving, which he developed autodidactically while working on his father's farm.

After his father died in 1858, Franz took over the farm at the age of twenty-three. Defregger moved to Innsbruck and studied woodcarving with the sculptor Michael Stolz, a professor at the Innsbrucker Trade School. Stoltz soon recognized Franz Defregger's greater talent as a painter, and in the autumn of 1860, he arranged a meeting with Karl von Piloty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. On 19 July 1861, Defregger passed the entrance examination and was accepted into the Academy. In the autumn of that year, he enrolled in a painting class given by Hermann Anschutz.

In the summer of 1863, with the encouragement of architect Dominik Stadler, Defregger travelled to Paris to enhance his studies at the academy. He enrolled at the École des beaux-arts École des beaux-arts on the recommendation of Alexander Laemlein. In 1864, he took part in the Salon des Refusés. During his time in Paris, Defregger's work was influenced by his experiences in the city and through autodidactic study at museums, art collections, and studios. After spending two years in Paris, Franz Defregger returned to Munich in July 1865 and began studying under Piloty at the academy.

During the next few years, Franz Defregger also spent time in East Tyrol, painting portraits of his relatives and friends. Between 1867 and 1870, he worked with Hans Makart and Gabriel of Max in the studio of the Munich history painter Piloty. His paintings were popular, and he soon became successful as an artist. He was professor of history painting from 1878 to 1910 at the Munich Art Academy.

Art Movement: Academic
Influences: Hermann Anschutz, Karl von Piloty
Influenced: Josef Moroder Lusenberg, Hans Perathoner, Lovis Corinth, Walter Thor, Hugo Engl
Traveled: France, Germany
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