Francis Coates Jones USA

7-1857 Baltimore, USA - 1-16-1932 New York, USA

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Jones, Francis Coates

Francis Coates Jones demonstrated no interest in art until he went abroad with his brother, in 1876, although his older brother, Hugh Bolton Jones, was a landscape painter.

Francis Coates Jones first began to draw during a year-long stay at the artists’ colony at Pont-Aven, in the French province of Brittany; he then enrolled at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. With the exception of a six-month trip home to Baltimore, Jones remained in Europe for five years, studying and traveling.

After his return to America in 1881, Francis Coates Jones worked for a year in his brother’s studio in New York. He continued to show his work at the National Academy of Design, where he had first exhibited in 1877, and he was elected a member of the more progressive Society of American Artists. After another visit to France, he settled permanently in New York in 1884.

In the 1890s, Francis Coates Jones undertook magazine illustration and mural painting and taught at the Academy, to which he was elected a full member in 1894. In the 1890s, Jones took up the intimate medium of pastel, which was enjoying a revival among professional artists. He eventually dropped historical allusions altogether, focusing on the female model engaged in domestic tasks or at leisure. Jones’s mature work shows the influence of impressionism in its use of distinct strokes of bright color.

A traditionalist, Jones was particularly active in service to the National Academy. In addition, Jones was a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Movement: Academic
Influences: Henri Lehmann, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Jules Joseph Lefebvre
Traveled: England, France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Switzerland
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